Sunday, December 11, 2016

Why are individuals against our research???

We are a Bigfoot pro-kill group.  We make no mistakes about this right off the bat.  

This goes against the grain of many "researchers" in the Bigfoot research community for either personal, political, religious or philosophical beliefs.  It goes against that grain because most Bigfoot researchers are lazy, plain and simply.  These researchers want to go out with their friends on a weekend in the woods, drink beer, wait till it gets dark then slap some sticks against trees and "spook" themselves out till they go back to their cozy camp and sleep for the night.  Only to return back to their suburban homes the next day and tell their wives how brave they are searching for Bigfoot.

Another reason people are against our group is simply because they are pacifists and think that we can coexist with Bigfoot.  This is simply not the case.  Bigfoot is a wild animal that is hiding from humans for one reason or another.  Our team is dedicated in bringing Bigfoot out of hiding (even if that means using a baby Bigfoot to bait the others) to prove Bigfoot exists.  

The only true way to prove a Bigfoot exists is to either capture or bring back a Bigfoot body for scientific research.  I would prefer the capture method but I'm not sure how willing Bigfoot is to come with us for research.  Additionally, there are numerous stories of Bigfoot causing unprovoked violence against humans.  This is a risk our team is unwilling to take.  Efforts are being stepped up by our group to find Bigfoot and we suspect year end 2016 or 2017 will lead to some great findings for our group.  If not a solution.

Our leader Thor, has doubled down on resources and our resolve is stronger than ever to bag a Bigfoot and bring it to the scientific community for studying dead or alive.   

All this said, no kill Bigfoot weekend warriors have fun with your Mickey Mouse adventures.  Leave the heavy lifting to our group.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is Bigfoot Evil?

One of the common questions regarding Bigfoot is if it is evil and where did it come from?  While alot of these questions regarding where the creature came from and its evolutionary history will only be discovered for sure when science has a specimen to study.

However several theories exist regarding the question on if Bigfoot is evil.  Nearly all ancient native american legends regarding Bigfoot tell of a savage, aggressive and evil beast.  Variously telling of the beast being a cannibal or being an evil spirit that brought sickness and misfortune upon mankind when their paths crossed.

We will cover more legends regarding Bigfoot later but for now we will cover one specifically:  The Potawatomi legend of the Windigo/Bigfoot (many Great Lakes tribes had similar legends but for brevities sake we will only cover the Potawatomi one).  The legend tells of a monster who would attack the Potawatomi in winter time and devour them, he was described as being a giant who had an all-consuming hunger yet the more it eats the less satisfied it would become keeping it continually hungry.  The Potawatomi only were free of fear of the Windigo/Bigfoot in the summer months as the beast did not like warm weather, only the most powerful shaman were said to beable to defeat the monsters becasue their size and strength made them impossible to kill with normal weapons.

As you can see from the legend above Bigfoot was regarded as a evil, aggressive beast who has terrorized mankind going back all the way to when primitive native americans inhabited all of north america.  So is Bigfoot evil? Most definetly...time and time again it has been proven they are savage dangerous animals.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Further evidence of Bigfoots aggressiveness

There seems to be some foolish researchers who feel that Bigfoot is non-aggressive and doesn't harm or really approach humans when in fact they are savage, aggressive beasts.

In this podcast below from our supporters at BigfootTruthNLies the host talks with Rand Trusty a noted researcher and woodmans who describing clearly how aggressive and dangerous the wild animal Bigfoot is...even describe how Bigfoot lingers at the edge of the woods stalking human children waiting for the chance to strike on one.

Start listening to at around 33 minutes and 30 seconds!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tree Twisted

Twisted tree located during our most recent recon mission. The tree appeared to be grabbed by Bigfoot ripped easily by a flick of the wrist.

Solidify my beliefs

Another day of recon has gone by and I have to say we are more encouraged than ever that there are Bigfoot(s) around us. On our most recent journey we were able to locate the coordinates of another Bigfoot den which will be investigated in further detail with the entire group. Additionally, we found some evidence of "tree twisting" which is a strong sign that Bigfoot is present.

As of right now we are unsure if the two Bigfoot dens are linked together through a tunnel system but we will find out shortly. Some additional supplies will be necessary to investigate the dens (flares, etc...) but they can all be found local in a town approx 2 hours from camp. Our group has a strong suspicion that the dens are primarily used during the day and when weather conditions become unfavorable.

Currently, there have been no vocalizations captured through recording, by human ears, or tracking dogs. However, we have reason to believe that they are not being very vocal because they are frightened by our presence perhaps. I am sure they are not used to humans coming this deep into the woods and going right up to their dens and taking photos.

Around the camp at night a couple of members claim to have heard leaves rustling off in the distance. To prevent any possible Bigfoot night attacks we have several snipers (working in shifts) set up in strategic locations.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Thank You To Our Supporters!

Here at KillBigfoot we like to give credit back to our supporters.  One of our friends is MN B.R.T. he has taught us very useful research and tracking techniques on his show such as wood knocking the show can be listened to here:  It is a truly great show that we recommend everyone listen to.  He also publishes the website:

Another great research tool that we are using is located here:

This database is great and we have pulled every US sighting for the last two years and plan on sending teams to each area based on our scoring of legitimate sighting and chances of follow up sighting for a kill opportunity.

Anybody interested in joining us on our endevour please feel free to contact us thru the comments section here with your email address!

While on our search today we encountered several trees that were knocked down and stacked against the brush which appears to lead to a Bigfoot den (see right). Notice to the right side of this massive tree the entrance where Bigfoot enter and leave the den.

Since there were only two of us out on the recon mission we decided to not go in any further. However, we will be back with the whole team once our game plan has been set.

More to come friends!